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Syracuse Collision Repair

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Unless the insurance adjuster determines that the vehicle is 'totalled' - meaning it would cost more to restore than the policy will cover, we can in fact, repair the damage and paint the restored area to seamlessly blend in with the existing color of the vehicle.

Customer Feedback

We came out of the grocery store and immediately noticed deep scratches and gouges almost the entire length of the driver's side of our car. Called the police and gave them a report. Called our insurance agent to file a claim, then contacted the Sauve Brothers. 5 days later we picked up our car and was completely amazed at what a great job these guys did! You can't even tell there was any damage at all. It was perfect. Thank you!
Todd & Ellen Fitzgerald

Our Gallery

We hope you enjoy browsing through our gallery showing some views of our repair shop and some of our most recent body repair projects. Our photo gallery page is new and we will be adding some 'before and after' images in the near future.