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Insurance Claims


A vehicle accident can be quite a traumatic and distressing event. You’ll most likely be shaken up and probably not thinking clearly. If you’re involved with an automobile accident, you need to consider your condition plus the events that happened, since you will in all probability be required to file a car insurance claim.

These steps needs to be taken in order to make a correct claim:

1. If you are injured, and the car isn’t a hazard like on fire, get your phone and phone 911. When there is no urgent situation for instance critical injuries, phone the police. Determine if anyone is hurt. Ask for those who observed the incident to stay and speak to the police.

2. Exchange contact info with the other drivers involved in the accident. Once the police arrive, reveal everything you can think of concerning the accident to enable them to compose an official report that may be presented to you insurance company. Be sure you notify the police officers that you would like a report. For those who have a camera, take shots from the accident scene including any kind of car damage.

3. Speak to your insurer, even if you are not really to blame. Furthermore, payment is dependant on the actual extent of fault and that means you require proof to aid your claim. Your insurer will advise the other driver’s insurance agency that you will be making a claim and also looking for reimbursement. You are going to have to make a list of things damaged.


4. After you have sent in all the paperwork to your insurance carrier, they’ll straighten out the claim. You might have to speak with the other driver’s insurance provider concerning your accident. Your insurance carrier will explain exactly what statement is necessary. Prior to giving your statement, note down anything you remember in regards to the accident.

5. A claims adjuster will check your damaged automobile to be able to evaluate what your costs may be. They are going to also consider if the damage could be repaired or should you require financial payment. If you’re financially compensated, your insurer will write you a check.