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At Sauve Brothers Body Shop, we're happy to help you navigate through the insurance process. We have trained personnel on staff who are familiar with the paperwork and priorities of every company we work with.

Our professionals are prepared to serve as your advocate with the responsible insurance company to handle your collision repair claim.

When it comes to estimating the total cost of repairs due to a collision, there is the obvious damage that can easily be seen on the outside, however, some of the costs associated with collision repair are damages that are hidden and not seen from the outside.

There could be wires that need to be replaced, leaks in windows or windshields, frame parts that need to be welded and additional damage that can quickly add up.

When we are preparing an estimate on your vehicle, we take a look at what is wrong, as well as what 'could' be wrong. We leave no stone unturned.

Our many years of experience and acquired knowledge comes into play when estimating what repairs will be needed based on the accident the vehicle was involved in.